11 songs - NEW, UNRELEASED material

In 2023, the remaining members of THE CALL (Tom Ferrier, Jim Goodwin and Scott Musick along with longtime friend of the band Ralph Patlan) were presented with the opportunity to write another chapter in the band's story. They went back into the vault and discovered some nearly completed studio tracks with Michael Been's unforgettable voice. In the end, a Kickstarter campaign was brought forth to release the Lost Tapes.

As a bonus, the band secured the rights to the albums
Reconciled and Into The Woods. Arguably their finest works as a band. The albums have been remastered and ready for release. Learn more by going to the discography.

For those that missed out on the Kickstarter campaign, you are in luck! Go to for your chance to purchase a limited supply of The Lost Tapes on vinyl LP and CD as well as the Reconciled & Into the Woods limited edition remastered CD and 2 LP vinyl that are being reissued. There are also two digital only released live shows from 1983 and 1989 available!

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Track listing:

Welcome To My World
Only Love
Beaten at Your Own Game
I'm Yours
Right Between The Eyes
Can't Find Love
Amazed By You
A Beautiful Life
Time in a Beer Bottle
What a Ride

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